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Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 55

Image of Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 55 Mine


  • Mine: Carico Lake
  • Stone Type: Turquoise
  • Stone Color: Blue
  • Shape: Various Cabochon
  • # of Stones: 55
  • Total Weight: 230ct
  • Price: $862.50 ($3.75 per ct)


The Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon is a collection of 55 distinct stones from the famed Carico Lake mine in Nevada. Known for its unique green turquoise variants, these cabochon processed stones carry a striking presence.

Each stone in this lot is backed with Steel Apoxy, enhancing their durability and longevity. The stones exhibit a low intensity, with a subtle play of colors that is perfect for those seeking understated elegance. The presence of a matrix pattern adds an interesting visual element, while the medium quality of the matrix adds to their overall appeal.

With a total weight of 230 ct, this lot offers a substantial quantity of Carico Lake turquoise. Ideal for commercial customers looking to incorporate turquoise into their offerings, this lot provides a balance of quality and quantity. Invest in these Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochons and bring a touch of Nevada's distinctive turquoise to your collection.

About Carico Lake Mine

Carico Lake, situated in Nevada, is a renowned turquoise mine, celebrated for its distinct and vibrant green turquoise variants.