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Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 42

Image of Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 42 Mine


  • Mine: Carico Lake
  • Stone Type: Turquoise
  • Stone Color: Blue
  • Shape: Various Cabochon
  • # of Stones: 42
  • Total Weight: 180ct
  • Price: $844.20 ($4.69 per ct)


Explore the distinctive appeal of the Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 42. Sourced from the renowned Carico Lake mine in Nevada, these stones are known for their vibrant green hues, a trademark of this specific locale. This lot is a collection of 42 cabochon-processed turquoise stones, each with a medium intensity and a unique matrix pattern that adds to their visual appeal.

Each stone is backed with a layer of steel apoxy, enhancing their durability and ensuring they can withstand frequent use. The cumulative weight of the stones is 180 carats, making this lot a substantial addition to any commercial inventory. The Carico Lake Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 42 offers an opportunity to incorporate a touch of Nevada's celebrated turquoise into your offerings. These stones bring together the charm of Carico Lake's distinct green turquoise and the practicality of cabochon processing in one compelling package.

About Carico Lake Mine

Carico Lake, situated in Nevada, is a renowned turquoise mine, celebrated for its distinct and vibrant green turquoise variants.