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Candelaria Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 28

Image of Candelaria Turquoise Cabochon - Lot of 28 Mine


  • Mine: Candelaria
  • Stone Type: Turquoise
  • Stone Color: Blue
  • Shape: Oval Cabochon
  • # of Stones: 28
  • Total Weight: 190ct
  • Price: $594.70 ($3.13 per ct)


Featuring a set of 28 Candelaria Turquoise cabochons, this collection is a sight to behold. Sourced from the renowned Candelaria mine, each stone presents a medium intensity hue, enhanced by clear patterns that add a touch of uniqueness. The stones' consistency and medium quality matrix further contribute to their overall appeal.

Each stone in this lot is backed with steel apoxy, adding to their durability and ensuring a long-lasting lifespan. With a total weight of 190 ct, these turquoise stones offer ample opportunities for various commercial applications. Whether you're looking to create stunning jewelry pieces or incorporate them into larger design projects, these stones are sure to meet your needs.

The Candelaria Turquoise cabochons are a testament to the beauty and versatility of turquoise. Their distinct characteristics and provenance from the Candelaria mine make them a valuable addition to any commercial endeavor. Invest in this lot and leverage the timeless appeal of turquoise in your work.

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